The Dog Diva LLC -
Dog and Cat training

We love our pets and when they have behavioral issues it can affect the whole family.  There is always a solution.

Learn hands on in the comfort of your home how to handle any issue you may have.  From puppy training to teaching your older dog not to eat the mail man there is a solution.

All training is tailored to you and your pets individual personalities with almost instant results.  

Prices are based off distance traveled.   Chillicothe, Jackson, Wellston, and surrounding areas are $150 for the entire package.  That includes a 1 to 3 hour in home session. (I stay until the job is done!) a written lesson plan and free phone consultation for the life of your pet.

Not in those areas, no problem, call or e-mail for the price in your area.  
$20 off all Seniors and Military 
   Free Evaluations for non-profits
Quick Tip: Never underestimate the power of the daily walk. It not only helps your dog release pent up energy but will clear your mind and exercise your body too.  
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