The Dog Diva LLC -
In home Training for You and Your Pets
Dogs-Cats-Birds and more!

We love our pets and when they are stressed or acting out it can stress the whole family. You can save your sanity and help your pet overcome! Easy training with almost instant results.
Learn in your home where the problems exist for the quickest results.  
From potty training to fear and aggression no pet problem is to big or small. 
Training is based on your family and pets personality.  No two pets or people are alike so no one training plan fits all.  The in-home visit can last from 1 to 3 hours depending on your problems.  You will learn hands on what to do in any situation to help your pet overcome.  Then you will receive via e-mail or mail a written lesson plan tailored to your individual family and pets that will keep you on track and help you achieve your goals within weeks not months.  If you have any trouble at all, phone consultations are free for the life of your pet. 


Prices are based on distance traveled from Ray, OH.
1 hour away:$150      1 hour 15 minutes:$170     1 hour 30 minutes:$190

                            Multiple pets? No Problem!
    All animals in the home are worked as a group for the same low price.

                              $20.00 off for all seniors
                     Free behavior evaluations for all non-profit rescues!
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Seminars available at your location!

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